Tuesday, January 19, 2010

kenyan cafe

if you haven't eaten at the kenyan cafe it is high time you do! the food, atmosphere and staff are fantastic. you are warmly greeted by the staff. a lot of the times it will be denis gekara, the owner of the kenyan cafe.
their menu offers lots that appeal to just about everyone. there are plenty of vegetarian options available.
ryan enjoyed the briani beef
while i devoured the mong beans and rice
and of course you know i can't go without desert, ryan and i shared the vanilla plantains
there are lots of drink options as well. organic coffee and homemade teas
as well as organic juices, gatorade, bottled water and sodas
the kenyan cafe was proudly awarded the taste of morgantown 2009 eater's choice award for their chicken and beef stews
there is ample seating complete with a authentic kenyan artwork and a flat screen tv
while you are there you can also learn the swahili word of the week
a shot of denis and myself after my lovely lunch
if the kenyan cafe has been on your list of restaurants to try in morgantown be sure to do so. you won't regret it. it is by far one of my favorite restaurants in morgantown. tell denis i sent you his way. :)

be sure to check out their website and become a fan on their facebook page and most importantly go eat the food!!