Monday, October 25, 2010

consolidation of blogs

i have been musing off & on this blog since march 16th, 2009. but if you are a regular reader, you know that i mostly muse on my other blog gussying up the tuttle. and since my posts are getting farther & farther apart and have mostly consisted of morganotown photo ops, i have decided a consolidation of my two blogs to be the best decision.

so, please join me over at gussying up the tuttle.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

morgantown photo op

these past rainy daze have made me think about last saturday when i hosted a free yoga class at hazel ruby mcquain park in downtown motown. this was our lovely view while we did yoga. notice the rainbow in the mist of the water spray. it's so wonderful to do yoga outside, weather permitting of course. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

autumnal equinox yoga + creativity workshop

if you missed my last yoga + creativity workshop don't worry - i'm hosting another on september 19th 10am-1:30pm. check out all of the juicy details here.

space is limited so please pre-register by sending me an email:

hope to see you there!

hugs & namaste

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

morgantown photo op

welcome to a new version of my morgantown photo op. i used to show you the pic and tell you where it is located. i've decided to show you the pic and see if you can guess where the pic was taken (with a few hints of course!). :) who would have known that morgantown has these beautiful citizens?! this was a discovery i made monday.

hints: this was not taken on a farm. this was taken inside morgantown city limits. if you are at this place you might likely overlook the pigs unless you look up high enough.

any guesses?

answer: the pigs are above the recycling center on river road. next time you stop by to drop off your recycling take a look at the road that goes above the recycling center on the right. the beauties are in a big fenced off area with their own little cabin!! :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FREE yoga classes

september is national yoga month and i am celebrating by leading 3 different FREE classes & workshops throughout the month.

please join me this saturday, sept 4th 11am-12pm at hazel ruby mcquain riverfront park. we will try to fit on the stage but if something else is going on there is a big, lovely tree that will provide shade by the river (if you are looking at the stage this big tree is over to your left). this is completely free so feel free to bring as many friends as you want. please bring either a yoga mat or a towel (if you don't have a mat) and some water.

we will meet again saturday, sept 25th same time & same place.

sunday sept 26th 12 - 1:30pm i am hosting a free yoga workshop at blissblissbliss. during this workshop we will be doing some journal writing, yoga and meditation. you will need to bring your journal (or paper), something to write with, yourself and maybe a friend. we have all the yoga props you will need.

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me:

hope to see you on the mat in september.

hugs & namaste

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tranquil tuesday

happy tuesday everyone! i woke up this morning, prepared the perfect cup of coffee (love my french press!!), checked email and started perusing around the ol' internet.

i was SO incredibly honored to have found this 1 minute video from local & fabulous blogger hollee of becky & hollee.

hollee frequents my hot yoga classes at blissblissbliss and this video was her take-away from last friday. hollee - you are a complete inspiration!

i hope everyone can find something to take off the mat from one of my classes. why don't you come join me fridays 8-9am & see if you can't find some tidbit of information to take off the mat.

i hope your tuesday is a tranquil one! hugs!!

image credit

Monday, August 16, 2010

splash bash at marilla park

i'm very excited to be apart of this year's splash bash! check out a couple of pics from last year's bash. hope to see you and your pup there! see details below:


Please make plans to join us for the ultimate Canine Pool Party!

Animal Friends annual "Splash Bash 2010" - A Dog Day in the Pool will be held on Sunday, August 29 at Marilla Pool from 10 -4 p.m. A Special Thanks to O J White Transfer and Storage for sponsoring this years event.

We will be awarding door prizes for smallest, largest, youngest, oldest and best dressed swimmers and have a variety of games planned. The games for this year will include the Swim Relay, Dock Dive, Limbo, Best Pet Trick, Dog Owner Look Alike, Celebrity Look Alike and a couple new games for this year will include Simon Says, Find the Kibble and Duck Dive.

For everyone’s safety all dogs Must be on a leash at All times and no pronged collars or flexi-leads are permitted. All proceeds from this event benefit our no-kill sanctuary. Admission is by donation.

Joining us at this year’s Splash will be Dog Tags Training School, Petco, and our friend Mark Jones will again be trimming nails with proceeds benefiting Animal Friends no kill sanctuary – Thank You Mark!

New for this year…. Join Yoga Teacher Melita Mollohan at this year’s Splash Bash. Melita will be leading puppy parents through a 20 minute mini yoga session several times throughout this year’s events. Bring your yoga mat or a towel and your canine yogi – bring your own, borrow one, or even come alone for some yoga fun before jumping in the pool to cool off.

Debbie Scott from “Canine Body Works” will be with us and performing therapeutic canine massage.

info credit - image credit

Thursday, August 12, 2010

eat pray love this sunday with the bliss book club

whether you've read the book or not, please join us for our special book club meeting this sunday, august 15th.

we will meet at the hollywood theater in morgantown to watch the 12:50pm showtime. the movie is just over 2 hours in length.

after the movie i hope that you'll join the group at the kenyan cafe for dinner and/or drinks and a discussion of both the movie and the book. denis the owner is looking forward to us coming.

if you know of anyone that would like to join our book club meeting, whether they have read the book or not, please let them know about the places and times. as always, the more the merrier!

if you have any questions or need directions, please email melita:

hope to see you there!!

* please note - i don't normally double up on my blog postings but i thought this one was worth it. it's going to be such a great time that i wanted to spread the word as much as possible. :) this plus tons of other fabulous posts can be found on the blissblissbliss blog.

image credit here

Monday, July 19, 2010

yoga & creativity workshop

Mark your calendars for the yoga + creativity workshop. Saturday, July 24th 10AM - 1:30PM.

Join Melita for an exploration of creativity as an extension of your yoga practice. Spend time indulging in creative play by making a vision board, meditating, practicing yoga, discussing ways to live more creatively, and engaging in svadyaya (self-study) while communing with like-minded friends.

Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams become realities. We start by flipping through magazines, pulling out any images that make you smile. Taking the images that speak to you, we’ll glue them down on a folder and make a vision board.

All you need to bring is your journal, your tea mug, old magazines that you don’t mind cutting up and an open heart & mind.

Workshop is 3 ½ hours. Cost is $40 and includes a free goodie bag. Tea and light snacks will be provided. Space is limited, please reserve your spot by e-mailing Melita:

Friday, July 16, 2010

morgantown photo op

photo taken in the field across from blissblissbliss last tuesday after the crazy rain we had.

Monday, July 12, 2010

morgantown photo op

a consol energy tug boat pushing empty barges through the lock and dam on the monongahela river.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

morgantown photo op

ryan and i spent a few hours at cheat lake yesterday. spending some time in the lake was exactly what a hot day called for.

Friday, June 25, 2010

yoga workshop with deb neubauer

hello all of you yoga loving motowners. hope you are having a fabulous friday. i wanted to share with you a yoga workshop that is coming up in july.

"the heart of the yogi: a weekend of anusara yoga and a joyful celebration of freedom"

(click image to make larger)

i will be attending the entire workshop. if you make it, please be sure to say hello. have a fabulous weekend. hugs!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

morgantown photo op

located in the window beside the crescent frame shoppe on lower end of high street
"global gothic" cooperative art project by the 7th grade art class at st. francis de sales central
"global lisa" cooperative art project by the 8th grade art class at st. francis de sales central and cirec school, cartagena, colombia

Friday, April 23, 2010

morgantown photo op

corner of high st & pleasant st from great wall

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

barrackville covered bridge

if you've never seen a covered bridge in person and are local then you have a chance. just outside of fairmont is barrackville which is home of the barrackville covered bridge.
the barrackville covered bridge was built in 1853 that spans across buffalo creek. it is really quite a magnificent sight.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

mickalina's a mermaids curiosity shoppe

if you haven't stopped by mickalina's a mermaids curiosity shoppe yet, you should. there are so much wonderful stuff for us girls!! i literally spent hours in here just looking at all of the eye candy!

so many bags to choose from
stuff for the little girls too
mix your own scents for lotions, perfumes & more
scarfs galore
if you wear many hats, there is one for you
tons of beauty products
winter hats on sale
gorgeous displays
beautiful artwork
bath goodies & cute necklaces
more gorgeous displays
serenlipity lip gloss
tons & tons of beautiful unique jewelry
what's not to love?!?!

ladies (or gentlemen looking to buy for your ladies) stop in mickalina's soon, i'm sure you will find it tons of fun and come out with something special to call your own.

mickalina's a mermaids curiosity shoppe
223 fayette street
morgantown, wv, 26505

Monday, February 1, 2010

events & workshops at bliss bliss bliss

you remember when i wrote about bliss bliss bliss before? well, my love for bliss has only grown. bliss has a wonderful yoga program, fun workshops, reiki shares, book clubs and more!

if you've never checked out bliss bliss bliss but have wanted to please take a moment to check out their website for upcoming events in february. chances are i'll see you there!

you can also stay current by following updates on twitter or become a fan of bliss bliss bliss on their facebook page.

logo used with permission of bliss bliss bliss

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

kenyan cafe

if you haven't eaten at the kenyan cafe it is high time you do! the food, atmosphere and staff are fantastic. you are warmly greeted by the staff. a lot of the times it will be denis gekara, the owner of the kenyan cafe.
their menu offers lots that appeal to just about everyone. there are plenty of vegetarian options available.
ryan enjoyed the briani beef
while i devoured the mong beans and rice
and of course you know i can't go without desert, ryan and i shared the vanilla plantains
there are lots of drink options as well. organic coffee and homemade teas
as well as organic juices, gatorade, bottled water and sodas
the kenyan cafe was proudly awarded the taste of morgantown 2009 eater's choice award for their chicken and beef stews
there is ample seating complete with a authentic kenyan artwork and a flat screen tv
while you are there you can also learn the swahili word of the week
a shot of denis and myself after my lovely lunch
if the kenyan cafe has been on your list of restaurants to try in morgantown be sure to do so. you won't regret it. it is by far one of my favorite restaurants in morgantown. tell denis i sent you his way. :)

be sure to check out their website and become a fan on their facebook page and most importantly go eat the food!!