Friday, June 26, 2009

dam & nature

yesterday morning i took my dog cadyn for a walk on the caperton rail-trail by the dam. we had such fun walking along looking at all of the birds, bunny rabbits, beautiful flowers and friendly morning commuters & exercisers.

if you've never been to this part of the trail before you should check it out. it's really quite pretty. there is a little september 11th memorial. don't worry about how where to park when you get there, there is a convenient place to park right beside of the waterfront jeep dealership.

enjoy some photos that i took while on our little artist's date:
photos by moi

Thursday, June 18, 2009


the fact that i love japanese food isn't a secret. one of my favorite places to eat in downtown morgantown is yama. yama is so tiny that it has a hole in the wall feel but has the most delicious food.

tonight i ordered a seaweed salad:

ryan ordered gyoza:

and for our main course we both ordered miso-ramen (mine vegetarian and his not):

i just love their decoration as well. (the last one is my favorite).
photos by moi

storm clouds over sabraton

last night was quite a spectacle. we had lightening and thunder and quite a bit of rain. before it all began i ran outside and snapped a few pics of the gorgeous storm clouds that filled the sky.

i tried to get these pics up last night but due to the storms our internet kept coming in and out (mostly out). so, i did what anyone would have, gave up and enjoyed the light show.

photos by moi

Monday, June 1, 2009

tea garden

i spent my morning and early afternoon at zen clay's cafe or the tea garden. it is a wonderful place to meet up with friends to share a pot of tea (or two or three in my case), sit and read, grab a bite to eat, or study (as was in my case today). anyway you look at it, the tea garden is one of the best cafe's in town. (and for all of you in the dc area, this is as close to teasim as morgantown has.)

when i first got there i ordered myself a pot of pu-erh tea with rose hips. i set down inside the cafe and laid out my things to begin to study. but i decided to pack everything back up and move onto their deck. there was no one on the deck and the sun was beaming in brightly. how could i resist?! so, outside i went. i set everything back up and got my study on!!

after an hour and 15 mins into studying, i needed a little lunch break (and another pot of tea). i ordered their "peanut sauce wrap." this wrap had mixed salad greens, tofu, green peppers, carrots, red onion, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and peanuts in a ever so slightly spicy and delicious peanut sauce. it was even better than i described. with my wrap i enjoyed a pot of gunpowder green tea with hibiscus.

one of the best parts about the tea garden (besides all of the delicious things i have already listed) is that their staff is extremely friendly. this is something that is really important to me.

after lunch break, i went into another little round of studying before i headed off to unwind with a great yoga class at bliss bliss bliss.

photos by moi