Tuesday, March 23, 2010

mickalina's a mermaids curiosity shoppe

if you haven't stopped by mickalina's a mermaids curiosity shoppe yet, you should. there are so much wonderful stuff for us girls!! i literally spent hours in here just looking at all of the eye candy!

so many bags to choose from
stuff for the little girls too
mix your own scents for lotions, perfumes & more
scarfs galore
if you wear many hats, there is one for you
tons of beauty products
winter hats on sale
gorgeous displays
beautiful artwork
bath goodies & cute necklaces
more gorgeous displays
serenlipity lip gloss
tons & tons of beautiful unique jewelry
what's not to love?!?!

ladies (or gentlemen looking to buy for your ladies) stop in mickalina's soon, i'm sure you will find it tons of fun and come out with something special to call your own.

mickalina's a mermaids curiosity shoppe
223 fayette street
morgantown, wv, 26505