Thursday, June 18, 2009


the fact that i love japanese food isn't a secret. one of my favorite places to eat in downtown morgantown is yama. yama is so tiny that it has a hole in the wall feel but has the most delicious food.

tonight i ordered a seaweed salad:

ryan ordered gyoza:

and for our main course we both ordered miso-ramen (mine vegetarian and his not):

i just love their decoration as well. (the last one is my favorite).
photos by moi


  1. Mmmm i LOVE japanese ramen! (and korean ramen which is spicy spicy !)

  2. I had NO IDEA that West Virginia had so many fabulous places to visit tucked into Morgantown! I am definitely impressed.

  3. great food pix, the miso ramen looks very different from the kind we have here. <^;^>