Monday, July 6, 2009

imagine my surprise

ryan and i love watching skateboarding videos. we had just finished dinner and were watching gordon ramsay's the f word when some skaters went past the house. this is a pretty common occurrence so we didn't think anything of it. we noticed that they were slowing down and then came back up the street. we watched out the window for a bit and noticed that one of them was recording the other one doing tricks. of course, i grabbed my camera and asked if they minded if i got a few pics.

the guy recording is chase bartee from morgantown and the guy doing a nollie-heelflip is eric jones from providence, ri:
then on down the street to an ollie from the neighbor's driveway:

chase records and edits videos for fountain of youth skate shop in providence, ri. he also edited and was featured in the film "all i need." here's a teaser. and if that leaves you wanting more you can check out his youtube channel for more video action.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my my- I have dated many a skater in my day :)
    LOVE it!
    That's so cool that they were filming right by you.
    Seems to be lots of good skating in Motown!

    I look forward to chatting more! :)