Tuesday, April 28, 2009

fifth annual adventure film & photo festival comes to morgantown

this past friday ryan, myself and a few friends got together at one of my favorite places to eat in morgantown, the black bear. they have the best burritos around. if you are vegetarian, no problem. they also support west virginia farmers as much as possible. and chances are high that when you choose to dine there you will encounter some type of entertainment. friday we were able to kick back and enjoy our burritos and beers to the brew house crew featuring elmer rich. the fiddle work was absolutely amazing!

after dinner we headed to the fifth annual morgantown adventure film and photo festival at the met theatre. the film festival was presented by the adventure's edge. this was a chance for all of the local filmmakers and photographers to get in on all of the outdoors action.

the event featured several short films that included kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and cycling to name a few. after watching the films the audience got to vote on their favorite. the winner this year was dan fowler for his film "endless season" which featured a video guide, kayaking and whitewater paddling in west virginia and the surrounding appalachian states.

it was a great time. if you missed this years events, make sure you keep on the look out for next years festival. i highly recommend it!

photo by moi

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