Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bliss soul retreat

i am elated for the weekend to arrive. i am attending the bliss soul retreat. what is the bliss soul retreat you ask? well, i am glad you asked!

this retreat is set in nature at the chestnut ridge park september 18, 19, 20. the retreat is to help you unwind, rewire, and reconnect with your bliss body. there will be yoga, meditation, energy and bodywork. there is a package to select which options best suit your needs and budget. don't worry if you can't spend the whole weekend, there are workshops that you can choose a la carte.

package options are:

  • the bliss body for $191. this includes one private energy work session and one yoga workshop.
  • the soul star for $216. this includes one private energy work session and both (two) yoga workshops.
  • the bliss soul body for $256. this includes two private energy work sessions and one yoga workshop.
  • the soul purpose for $281. this includes two private energy work sessions and both (two) yoga workshops.

in addition to the package you select from above each retreater will enjoy:

  • a single bed in shared cabin for singles (a double bed in shared cabin for partners)
  • dinner on friday, 3 meals saturday, breakfast on sunday and snacks
  • special meditation circle friday night with soul assignments designed by you with assistance from elasa
  • saturday morning "yoga & grounding sounds" session led by elizabeth
  • saturday afternoon "silent" walking meditation to water ritual led by elasa
  • saturday evening earth, water, fire circle led by elasa
  • sunday morning yoga & meditation practice led by elasa (this will focus on the ancient five tibetan rites which are exercises for healing, rejuvenation and longevity)

all of that sounds fabulous but you say you can't spend the entire weekend? no worries! the yoga workshops can be taken separately.

  • good morning yoga -10 am to noon - $30

join heidi sherwin for a morning yoga class intended to awaken, stretch and enliven the bliss body through graceful sun salutations, guided relaxation, and a blissful meditation. good morning yoga will help to prepare the bliss body and mind to welcome the day as it unfolds with joy, peace and gratitude. all levels are welcome. please bring your yoga mat, water and a towel.

  • assisted yoga - 12:30 to 2:30 - $30

join mary jo schick as she helps you bring a modern twist to an ancient art. in this yoga assist workshop you will stretch deeper and move more effectively into poses, sometimes with less physical effort on your part, thus giving you a glimpse of the full potential of a pose - before you can achieve it alone!

assisted yoga fosters a sense of trust as many times your stability rests mutually or solely on your assister. it increases you ability to experience the pose knowing that your partner will support you. it makes balancing poses easier with the support of another person. it creates an environment for easy, open and fun communication (both verbal and nonverbal). come enjoy assisted yoga and see how it fosters a deep sense of connection, sensitivity and attunement. all poses are adapted to fit (we are all a variety of sizes, abilities and flexibilities). see how fun, lighthearted, and exploratory yoga can be. find how assisted yoga can help your body remember and visualize the pose for your other yoga practice. please bring your yoga mat, water and a towel.

as with all yoga - these classes are not about being flexible but about feeling your body - where you are at, being in the moment and in this case experiencing and enjoying yoga in a beautiful outdoor setting. please note we have reserved a covered space for the yoga workshops in case of rain.

here is the retreat event calendar:

check-in: 2pm-5:30pm
meal prep: 4:30pm-5:00pm
dinner 5pm-6pm
sitting circle with elasa: 8pm

sitting circle - grounding sounds and chakra yoga with elizabeth: 7:30am
breakfast: 8am
private sessions: 9am-2:30pm
good morning sun salute yoga workshop with heidi: 10am-12pm
yoga assist with mary jo: 12:30pm-2:30pm
self serve lunch: 12:30pm-3pm
silent meditation hike: 3pm-5pm
meal prep: 5:30pm
dinner: 6pm-7pm
sitting circle with elasa: 7:30pm

breakfast: 9am
sitting circle with elasa: 10am
check-out: 12pm

all meals are in the klaer lodge
private sessions in designated spots - check with your practitioner
yoga workshops on the covered stage behind the main office
sitting circle: check with your practitioner

please keep in mind that you can opt-out of any activities that we have planned so that this is the healing environment you are seeking.

if you are interested (and i hope you are) in any portion of the bliss soul retreat please visit the bliss bliss bliss website or contact elizabeth at 304-685-9942 or at

as for me, i am doing the soul purpose package. i need the whole shebang! please come and hand out with like-minded individuals and renew your bliss body. i hope to see you there!

image credit and retreat information used with permission of bliss bliss bliss


  1. Ohhh, that does sound blissfull! Too bad I'm not in your area :(!

  2. Sounds lovely! Enjoy yourself..:)