Sunday, October 25, 2009

massage hours

i am excited to share my massage schedule with you. i hope that you will come and see me.

i am available:
- Oct. 31st 11am-2pm
- Nov. 4th 5pm-7pm
- Nov. 5th 1pm-7pm
- Nov. 7th 11am-2pm
- Nov. 11th 5pm-7pm
- Nov. 12th 1pm-7pm
- Nov. 14th 11am-2pm
- Nov. 18th 1pm-7pm
- Nov. 19th 1pm-7pm
- Nov. 21st 11am-2pm
- Nov. 25 5pm-7pm
- Nov. 28th 11am-2pm
- Dec. 2nd 5pm-7pm
- Dec. 3rd 9am-noon & 5pm-7pm
- Dec. 5th 11am-2pm
- Dec. 9th 9am-noon & 5pm-7pm
- Dec. 10th 5pm-7pm
- Dec. 12th 11am-2pm
- Dec. 15th 9am-noon & 1pm-4pm
- Dec. 16th 9am-noon & 5pm-7pm
- Dec. 17th 9am-noon & 5pm-7pm
- Dec. 19th 11am-2pm

call the morgantown beauty college to schedule your massage 304-292-8475. make sure you tell the receptionist you request melita.

both swedish massages and deep tissue massages are $37.00 (which goes to the beauty college so tips are greatly appreciated).

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  1. Great! Now I just need to work that into my schedule! Nice to see some Saturdays in there :)

  2. How exciting Melita! Wish I lived closer, I would definitely stop in for a massage!