Saturday, October 3, 2009

provence market cafe

ryan took me to provence market cafe in bridgeport to celebrate finishing my first week of massage therapy schooling. let me just say, it is worth the drive!

the atmosphere was relaxing.. the service was excellent. the food was phenomenal! and it's always nice to see the owner being involved in their restaurants. anne hart is the owner and executive chef of the provence market cafe. it was lovely having ms. hart visiting each table to make sure that the diners were enjoying their experience.

ok, let's talk about the food!

we started off with some wonderful french bread served with butter and an olive tapenade and a side salad with champagne vinaigrette dressing.
ryan ordered coquilles st. jacques a la provencal
i had roasted duckling michel
and the best creme brulee i have ever put in my mouth with two spoons for sharing
everything about provence market cafe was perfect. i highly recommend taking the trip to bridgeport for this lovely restaurant, in fact, it's a must!


  1. between your story telling and your pictures, i am drooling! what a great celebration to top off your first week of school. Hugs, Dawn

  2. Looks amazing and what a wonderful treat to top off a week of new beginnings!

  3. ooh Yum! Sounds wonderful.

  4. Everything looks delicious!!! congratulations :)

  5. Glad you had a good dinner!
    I love that place!

    I helped out part time at The Nest (the knitting store next door) when I lived in Bridgeport.

  6. hi Melita! i'm kind of moving to Fairmont, so I was googling around to find some information. great blog! =)

  7. hi there, it's me again! i'm starting to think Morgantown is a better city to live than Fairmont. what do you think? would you live in Fairmont if you had the choice, or did you already chose Morgantown? =)
    you could write me an email ( or just leave a comment in my blog (wich is in portuguese!)
    thank you so much!