Wednesday, March 25, 2009

lavender cafe

last night ryan, our friend rob and i all went to lavender cafe for dinner. lavender cafe opened in 2008 and i am so happy that it did. it is the only taiwanese restaurant in morgantown and a welcome change!

they have the best bubble tea there. all 3 of us decided to go for hot tea instead of cold. i do like iced tea but i prefer mine hot. rob ordered apple green tea, ryan ordered lychee black tea and i ordered coconut (green) milk tea. i want to try different kinds of tea but every time i go i end up getting the same thing.

here are our tea cups, you can definitely tell which is which.

while the boys ordered pad thai noodles (shrimp for rob and beef for ryan), i ordered taiwanese rice noodles with vegetables. everything was fantastic!!

this is my dinner. the portions are huge to say the least!!

the staff are extremely friendly, the food comes out very quick and the quality of the food is excellent. if you haven't tried lavender cafe before, i highly recommend it! it's one of my favorite places to eat in morgantown.

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