Tuesday, March 24, 2009

nose piercings at thinkin' ink

my co-worker (become good friend) kristi and i went saturday the 14th and had our nose pierced. this is something i have thought about doing for years now. kristi had wanted hers done too. so after a good mexican dinner and a couple of pitchers of margaritas we decided, you know what, let's do it!!

we went to thinkin' ink tattoo studio and brandon (their piercer) took very good care of us. all of us, including brandon, kept referring to our nose piercings as "super cute." we had a good experience and they were very friendly and helpful. i can't speak for their tattooing capabilities (although kristi highly recommends patty for any tattooing that you may need done) but their piercing services are great!

that's kristi's son, mason, in the background. looks like he's getting ready to hit me on the back of the head :)

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  1. The nose jewel is very you! I don't think I could have done it! lol Looks great!