Wednesday, March 18, 2009

where's the beef....literally

since my boyfriend needed to use the car today he dropped me off at work. i didn't bring any lunch with me today so my co-worker offered to pick me up something while she was out. last night my boyfriend and i were talking about the reubens at maxwells being absolutely delicious which got me wanting one. i asked if she could get me a reuben sandwich from arby's since it was close by. when she brought back lunch, i opened my sandwich wrapper, to discover that my ruben was made with....turkey. everything else was correct about the sandwich minus the corned beef.

at that point there was nothing i could do about it besides give it a try. a turkey reuben is OK but i would have much rather had the original. come on arby's, pay attention. surely it can't be that hard. next time, i'm not thinking arby's!


  1. IMO, a Ruben is not a Reuben without the corned beef!! I know that many people offer both corned beef and turkey Reubens...turkey just feels wrong to me though. Hmmm... I've also been upset for getting one on a hamburger bun. Another must, rye bread! We must go back to Reuben basics people!

  2. well when ryan read this, he said that arby's had asked him before if he wanted corned beef or turkey. so then a lengthy discussion happened (of course lol) and thank goodness for a reuben made with turkey is called a rachel. must be reuben's sister or cousin or something :)

    "The Rachel sandwich is a variation on the standard Reuben sandwich that substitutes pastrami for the corned beef and coleslaw for the sauerkraut. Other recipes for the Rachel call for turkey instead of corned beef or pastrami."

    as always, thanks wikipedia!