Sunday, August 30, 2009

dog day at marilla park

today was dog day at marilla park in sabraton. we didn't take our pooches because we had other plans for them but i couldn't resist stopping by and snapping some pics.


  1. Dunno If I'd want to be swimmin in that water! lol

  2. it was so fun! my little boxer wouldn't swim, but he got in to the water up to his chin, as usual. i swam with my friend's golden retriever...he's usually kind of dumb and pretty, but when it comes to swimming, he's amazing and he loves it (and he was fetching tennis balls that belonged to other dogs...:-)

  3. Lame! Rather take my dog to lake where she can be off the leash. My lab swims faster than most humans. Get rid of the leash rule after all no leash is required at dog park. If you think your dog will get to swim freely you will be disappointed. It's more for dogs who don't swim regularly and just want splash around. Not for dogs who regularly swim free. No leash requorement please! Still donate to animal friends they rock!