Friday, May 22, 2009

bliss bliss bliss

i've been going to yoga classes at bliss bliss bliss for a while now, but last week was my first massage there. it was heavenly!

lauren, my massage therapist, was very professional and paid attention to detail. with a foot massage as the finale, i was over the moon.

your budget is something you need to keep in mind when booking a massage and bliss bliss bliss offers membership massage packages to suit your needs. you absolutely can't go wrong (or find a better price) than their 12 one hour treatments. a membership with $10 new client intake fee lowers the cost to one massage a month for $40, who can't afford that?! what happens if you decide 12 massages per year isn't enough? after the 12th the price drops to $35 per massage.

in case a membership isn't exactly what you are looking for they offer hour or 1/2 hour massages at comparable prices to other local spas without all the fuss.

there is nothing pretentious about bliss bliss bliss or the wonderful people who work there. they make you feel immediately welcome, as if you have known these people all along. want some water or a cup of hot tea while you wait or afterwords, no problem. don't be surprised if you don't have to ask.

if you haven't been to bliss bliss bliss, you must go! isn't your bliss worth it?!

logo used with permission of bliss bliss bliss

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