Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mother india

it was a little chilly in motown this evening due to all the rain (this is seattle east you know?!). after i got back from yoga class ryan was talking about soup for dinner. at the same time we were figuring out what to have for dinner i saw a tweet from michael wendell talking about how hot the vindaloo was at mother india. i immediately thought indian food would warm us up!

i am a huge fan of indian food but i am a wuss when it comes to spicy food. i always ask for mind to be on the mild side so that i can actually taste what's going in my mouth rather than the burning sensation. ryan, on the other hand, loves hot food. the hotter the better for him.

i ordered chana masala, had some of ryan's garlic nan, and of course some masala chai tea!! oh how i adore masala chai tea...

the restaurant is spacious and a painted in a soothing yellow color. if you haven't been to mother india i highly recommend going.

photos by moi


  1. Hopefully your boyfriend handled the spicy better than I did. Ouch!

    Thanks for the shout.


  2. city girl - thanks, it was fantastic!!

    michael - you are welcome. he loved it although he told me later that he had a bead of sweat roll in his eye during dinner lol

  3. One of my new favorite date night spots in town.

    Operated by the same family as the original Cafe of India which used to be on Fayette Street years ago.