Saturday, May 30, 2009

mediterranean deli & tutto gelato

for lunch ryan and i decided to head downtown and eat at the mediterranean deli. we really enjoy eating outside when the weather permits. the mediterranean deli has the best gyros in town. we each had one, split a side of greek pasta salad and washed it all down with a san pellegrino aranciata.

and now for some lame pics of me and ryan while enjoying our food on the sidewalk at the mediterranean deli:

me looking like a dork

the action shot as ryan calls it...
ryan and his aviators

after lunch we followed it up by going to tutto gelato. i had a bambino of blood orange and mango. it was delish!!

photos mostly by moi (except ones of moi by ryan)


  1. We love Tutto Gelato! That blood orange gelato is my favorite.

  2. Fun! You should do a Tour del Gelato post and get added to their blogroll :)

  3. Is Tutto Gelato where Dairy Queen used to be? Quentin loves gelato, I'll have to tell him!

  4. pezywvu - yes, that is exactly where it is!!

  5. Hey there!
    Just found your blog.
    I posted about Tutto today :)