Sunday, August 16, 2009

the bookshelf

the bookshelf is the independently owned and awesome local bookstore. if you are from the area you will remember they used to be over by keglers and suburban lanes. the bookshelf has been located on 139 greenbag rd in morgantown for 3 years now. after labor day they will be beginning their 36th year in business in morgantown! and they say that local businesses can't make it. jim sachse (pronounced sax) owner of the bookshelf proves that local businesses can survive.

there are lots of great things about the bookshelf. here are just a few:
  • get 10% off new books everyday (with no silly membership card to buy)
  • purchase used paperback books at 60% of the publisher's price
  • take advantage of their book trade policy
  • special order books at no extra charge (some exceptions do apply - see store for details)
  • local artist's can display their work
  • if you are a member of (or want to start) a book club you can hold your meetings at the bookshelf for free
  • receive friendly and well-informed customer service (julian has been working at the bookshelf for 10 years and knows what he's talking about.)
hours are: monday through saturday 10:30am-9pm
thanksgiving to christmas hours are: monday through saturday 10:30am to 9pm and sunday 12pm to 5pm

new book display
just part of the new book section
row after row of used books
be sure to check out the bookshelf if you haven't already!


  1. I love this place!
    Glad to see it is still in business. I actually used to shop at it when it was at its old location.
    Funny you posted this- I just put up some pics from an awesome used bookstore in Capitol Hill.

  2. Wow. This seems like a real reader friendly place. I'm going to definitely check this out!

  3. Seems like a real reader friendly place. I'm going to have to check this out!

  4. you know, i ordered two books from the bookshelf that i really wanted, like big coffee table books, and they never called me back that they were in. what a drag! i even called them to see if the books were in and they said "we'll call you when they are in." this was like a year ago. blah.

  5. stacy - that really stinks. i'm sorry to hear that.

  6. They have an especially good selection of used and new West Virginia books.

  7. The Bookshelf may not be the best place to order books from, but in fairness it has only two employees to my knowledge, the owner and the guy with dark hair. They both are very knowledgeable about books and don't just look something up on a computer program like the employees at Barnes and Noble. They have a huge used books section and you can find rare books and save tons of money. It's always a good idea to support local small businesses. Also as a side note, I have ordered books from them several times and never had a may have taken longer than ordering from Amazon, but they did call to inform me when the orders arrived. Not sure what happened with the other commenter.

  8. Do you happen to know whether The Bookshelf has a website??

  9. Try