Saturday, August 22, 2009

new day bakery

aahhh, the new day bakery. i've written about getting yummy pizza from the new day bakery before. but what i haven't blogged about is their fantastic selection of breads, scones, cookies and muffins. (click here to see their bread schedule and descriptions of each bread they bake.)

ryan and i are addicted to their scones. fortunately they are on the way the mornings i drive ryan to work. when we do stop in for our breakfast scones there are always different options to tantalize our taste buds. being the pigs we are, we always get 3 scones. we get 1 each and then we split 1. yeah, i know, but if you've ever had their scones before you would know exactly what i mean! :) the other morning we split a strawberry scone and had a plum scone each.

here is chocolate chip scones and cherry vanilla cream cheese scones (and they were so delicious - as i'm sure you could imagine!) fresh out of the oven.