Wednesday, August 19, 2009


tucked away in the corner of the chelsea square shopping center on the evansdale side of morgantown resides puglioni's homemade pasta & pizza. if you want good italian food, this is the place to go. puglioni's is the perfect place for a date night with your loved one or for hanging out with a group of friends.
dinner comes served with the biggest, best loaf of bread glazed in garlic butter & salt
you get a salad with your choice of dressing. i love their homemade creamy tomato basil.
for dinner this time i chose their special - manicotti (more than enough to take home)
and i simply cannot pass up my favorite dessert - tiramisu - especially if it's this good
if you are in the mood for good italian food, trust me, pass up going to the olive garden and try puglioni's instead. you won't be disappointed!

puglioni's is located:
1137 van voorhis rd
morgantown, wv 26505
(304) 599-7521
see their menu here


  1. all i can say is YUMMY!!!!!!!
    can't wait to go with my bff :)
    love you,

  2. We haven't been there in several years, thanks for reminding me how yummy it was.

  3. I love Puglioni's! I even have a Pug's t-shirt from goodwill I found in Morgantown my freshman year. hehe

  4. Aww I love this place!

    AND love the new pic. Motown IS pretty, isn't it?!!!